Week 2: OwNu RenTner [OwNu] vs uMaD Gaming [uMaD]

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[BMz] JokeRn
Imperius 2-1 shaper @ RTS
[BMz] JokeRn
2on2: bound yaboltez 2-1 curiocity bizzare
[OwNu] Yosh
rv is planned for mon 20 cest (wed fri 20 cest as backups if needed)
rs can be played everyday between 7 - 16 cest
tr will need to be planned out a bit via match comments since one of the players is traveling soon and the other needs to figure out his schedule for this week. worst case this might need to be played after the 23rd or so but we will try to reseed before then if possible.
[uMaD] Wal3eyyy
Ups sorry fail by my side, TS 2-0 for OwNu, I uploaded replays!


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OwNu [11:4] uMaD 24.04.2016 - 17:00


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