Week 1: Soviet War Elites [SWE] vs P r o - G a m i n g [pG]

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[pG] pG.Okkul
ggs wp! cya later ;)
[SWE] Skutt
gg thx for cw, see you in some weeks for the rematch!
[pG] pG.Sky
PP match Starshapedkh vs Practiceman 1-2
[pG] pG.Okkul
About hostbots: roos, raaf or loos will be good
[pG] pG.Okkul
Lets meet 17:00h cest on channel clan swe.
[SWE] Starshaped
Maybe 17.30
[SWE] Starshaped
17 CEST sounds good
[pG] pG.Okkul
Then lets play 16 or 17h cest?
[SWE] Skutt
He said evening.. not before lunch..
[pG] pG.Okkul
Starshaped, may you play in 1 hour? as you told yesterday
[pG] pG.Okkul
So, we will pp GW if shocker will not have a time. TSLV plays today, Skutt agreed for waiting Practiceman after gera cup
[pG] pG.Okkul
Practiceman and knoff will come later. Both teams agreed
[pG] pG.Okkul
We need to postpone 1 match on TSLV probably, i will inform about in 30 mins exactly
[OwNu] yaBoltez
i want to see knoff and thorzain @ gw !!!!
[pG] pG.Okkul
[SWE] Skutt
AZ 2-0 for pG
[pG] pG.Okkul
And maybe TI
[pG] pG.Okkul
Btw, may we play tslv also as prepone tomorrow? Because few of our players want to play gera-cup. Should be nice if it possible
[pG] pG.Okkul
its fine, lets meet on your channel clan swe
[SWE] Skutt
Saturday 15.00 ? For AZ?
[SWE] Skutt
Saturday 13-20 is fine, i get back later today with more precise time
[pG] pG.Okkul
So, which date/time is fine for you?
[pG] pG.Okkul
This time intervals for AZ:
Tomorrow 9-11h cest / Friday 13-20h cest / Saturday 13-20h cest
[SWE] Skutt
What time would you like to play AZ on?
[pG] pG.Okkul
Hi, gl hf.
Is it possible to play prepone match on AZ?
[SWE] Skutt
Really nice game right of the start, good luck pG!


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