Week 3: Team Sunrise [tS] vs God Bless Pirates [GBP]

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[GCW3] rbr.GodFather
dann komm nach solingen du hurensohn
[GCW3] rbr.GodFather
LOL JokeRn. du kleine Witzfigur ich stech dich ab du Lümmel
[GCW3] rbr.GodFather
i can life with that, just let me know which maps so i can make my lineup easier
[GCW3] rbr.GodFather
If we play sunday we'll probably have to suspend 1 or 2 matches.
[GCW3] rbr.GodFather
no saturday is bad friday also, mb sunday 16 cet?
[GCW3] rbr.GodFather
idk yet, is Saturday 18,10 ok for you?
[GCW3] rbr.GodFather
hi when can u play?


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son_bez_sna match 31.10 - 19:44 CET
W3L.Psike match 12.10 - 03:51 CEST
Nerzhul match 25.09 - 23:25 CEST
admin match 16.09 - 17:49 CEST
Raven_TT match 11.09 - 20:21 CEST