1/8 W: SPARX ESPORTS [SPX] vs Team Furious [IFS]

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    [TF] Speck
    #5 No. We have original one.
    Is boooo and l7boo same player?
    [SPX] eMove
    Agree that you were able to take defwin on it, no luck for us he get problem car and came later and we didn't thought to substitute him.... No luck that this game décide the winner of this CW...
    [EwOk] cheeron
    i came at start of clan war 17 CET to start my game.AJK wasn't and i ask Vogo to call him coz i dont have time to wait.they said that he will come later and i waited for 17.30 CET and he wasn't still online.According to 3.15. Technical defeat rule i am able to take defwin.
    [TF] Speck
    Ok. But we have problems with time. Can we play one solo map today a lot earlier. From 11am to 13pm CET... AS or RV maps. Another matches is 17-00CET. Let me know discord.
    [SPX] eMove
    CW will be probably play at default time on sunday 17:00 CET


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