Semifinals: uMaD Gaming [uMaD] vs Team Furious [IFS]

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    If you not understand 3.12 last changes - you can be sure in date and time only if teams agree it in comments (match page), chat in discord it's your personal talks. It was made special for no confuse every time with any chat message you sent each other.
    Discuss in discord -> agree date and time there -> confirm it in match comments.
    [RN] YoungUndead
    During our clanwar, we also experienced problems with them. Deception about the administrator’s permission to use the joker on Razzorman and inappropriate behavior on the part of the manager.
    I think that the ifs clan is unmannered and administrations should carefully monitor their actions. This command provokes other teams to aggression.
    [uMaD] ForTreSs
    You got the fairness. What are we getting for that? Nothing like trashtalk of a not involved guy. Serious managers everywhere.....
    [HEmo] Masha
    Oh I think Brok is wrong with #27
    You always need to be careful either with IFS or with uMaD
    Our conflict is in history but it was complicated, if you want to discuss it more we can go to discord.
    [uMaD] ForTreSs
    And what is the problem? Later Caspend said it was his fault as admin. And we agreed that, cuz he is mannered. Stands for his faults. You got your game. Thats fairness. But acting of IFS is nothing like that.

    [HEmo] Masha
    @ ForTreSs it ended well in our case however at first it was kind of shock for me that you wanted to force def win because default time of our game was different to tour default time and even after it was changed back to tour default time on website after our discussion you still acted like that, I meant sure it was my fault like now it's yours.
    [uMaD] ForTreSs
    @ EMO.Masha, in fact you were confused in starting date. Whats our fault? Whats my fault? Explain please! And what do you want to show with that?

    And answer me if you got your game? We agreed to postpone then. Just in fairness.
    [HEmo] Masha
    Amen, just reminding that there is no team with ideal reputation

    [RN] Sirius
    I think Speck is the best manager, he is a good friend of very nice person Razzorman. He can't be not right. Just a ideal man . Perfect husband, ideal son, good brother and amazing father. Thanks all to listen. My english is not too good,cuz i am from Ukraine, but when such injustice happens with a such great man - i can't be outside.
    [P2N] BrokenHanDs
    Remember when you are going to play vs IFS better play on standart time without any schedule agreement because they cant do such hard things. Also be carefull speck dont read any rules and dont know them, he prefer play on leagues by his own rules
    [uMaD] ForTreSs
    @admin what is this unlikely offense?
    [uMaD] ForTreSs
    #24 can we talk in english? this is no russian neither lithuanian league.
    [TF] Speck
    CNA.BrokenHanDs normalnoe kino. mne ponravilos. konchay uje publiku razvlekat. xd
    uMaD.ForTreSs and uMaD.DopeY to start... Remember what is 'STANDARD TIME' is and learn to use the ALARM already to be in time next time.
    [P2N] BrokenHanDs
    Better look at your behaviour when all cw long u call opponent cheaters. start games without our obs, only from ur team, kick us from lobby, ur player instead of gg tell me "i should play without obs" when lose. Then u told us that league admin allow you use joker on razzorman (why this player which many famous streamer call only "cheater" or "hacker" still didnt banned on some leagues?) which was illegal by rules (be carefull, speck lier, he can cheat you like that also). And you still asking why admin didnt count that game? And of course nobody ask me about permission, he said admin allows.
    [uMaD] ForTreSs
    Should make a petition/poll with other managers about next season - attending teams with lag in fairness.
    [TF] Speck
    You don’t even respect yourself. If you act like that. Do you want me to respect you? Behave with dignity to begin with. I'm not even talking about this clown you have aka CNA.BrokenHands . Which joining into CW game write 'good luck' and 'plays it'. Than 'lose' this game. And 'after' the game he says that he did not allow the replacement from our side. Really? I wonder if he won it, would he say the same thing? I didn't say ANYTHING that time. Go already further. The other two, I think, already understood their OWN mistakes.
    [uMaD] DopeY
    Everyone know as you sayed, end of topic
    Gl for next :)
    [uMaD] ForTreSs
    Difference is Rage for example didnt show up two weeks ago too. We just postponed. Friendly and fair. Answered everytime. But your mood is not wanna play. Took the chance to blame a better team in afraidness of loosing? Nice style. And now you compare us with animals? Go out of the way. And leave any leagues please.
    [TF] Speck
    Listen, boys. A few hours later 'Fortress' initially began to talk normally maybe the subject of conversation would be. He was told as a person that I was playing a tournament and he should wait. He talked to himself, admitted his own mistake, and left. Some kind of unconnected speech. What should I do? GTFO. Be careful with your words. Better don't tell me nothing about 'RESPECT' and other things you never had. After this sh%t I just read. Do NOT contact me anymore. Everyone knows that when communicating with me, you must at least yourself comply with some norms. At least if you are not my friend. And you are not my friend. Be respectful. Responsible for your words and be careful what you say. If you do not correspond, then you are not people but an animal. I am not going to teach you to be responsible and discipline. What do I look like an animal trainer? You must match this initially. If you are at least people. Unfortunately you are NOT. With me, everyone gets what he deserves. You yourself f*cked off your chance.And if for some reason you have this situation. So only you are to blame. I do not turn 'reverse' gear and do not change my decisions. You must understand this. You need to understand this BEFORE starting something and write clearly what you want BEFORE I made some decision. If you were told to wait. You should wait and not chat with yourself. The end of the conversation? Farewell.
    [uMaD] DopeY
    1 day before the clan war they can't even confirm if they are able to play or not and you posting the discord message without the next, that's already more than enough. I won't bother players for that kind of team. First learn about respect and how to orga a clan war instead to talk about manners especially when every single teams got troubles against you
    [P2N] BrokenHanDs
    probably need postpone all cw on discord chat, than come at standart time and take defwin. Be carefull with such teams.
    [P2N] BrokenHanDs
    Team with razzorman and cheeron speaks about unmanner ROFL
    umad managers totally unmannered.We were rdy to play but u didnt come.What's our fault?Your are posting screenshots of chat with default time even there rofl
    [uMaD] DopeY
    It's much more worth they won by defwin than to play this clan war. No time to spend with such specimens
    [uMaD] ForTreSs
    Sorry but no more mercy in future. No more communication either to IFS. Hope we get our match in overall final. Badmanner.. no more words.
    We already meet this situation earlier and i posted this point in news:

    3.12. Postpones and prepones.
    Accept just dates and times of prepones which confirmed by both sides only in match comments - chats in discord, skype, and etc is not agree.

    Nothing in comments = default time.

    #7 We fix it for deflose, not score in near time.
    it's rly funny when ppl are talking about behaviour while not following rules only by themselves.come and dont be late more than 15 min or postpone and fix any other issues about it BEFORE start.
    [uMaD] ForTreSs
    if i look up last six clanwars of IFS. any clanwar, really ANY clanwar something went wrong. every other clanwar was played fair.
    what does this mean for us? for the league? for IFS? hm
    [uMaD] ForTreSs
    As you can see, dopey offered to play weekdays or anything. there was no answer afterwards! nice fake!
    [uMaD] Bizzare
    WHY ME ?
    [uMaD] ForTreSs
    btw admin see screenshot. got no answer later. case was to postpone propably. we asked them at first what about time etc.! thats what we get now - a defloss. Nice behaviour.
    [uMaD] ForTreSs
    So how about now speck? I told you the case about dopeys holiday. you said at 18cet today, that you will talk to me with a result. now you force defwin without contacting us?
    its our mainfault ofc, but this behaviour is like no comments anymore.
    [TF] Speck
    :/ sry
    Under investigation to tomorrow!
    What's up umad?
    [TF] Speck
    yo? line up ?


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