Week 7: France [FRA] vs Team Sunrise [tS]

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[RPV] SaTan
Nick .. you can give them defwin, they've screenshot anyway, it doesnt requiert my approvement on it ... screenshot's enough
[OCG] Drunkenwanken
You waiting till 23cet for case being irrelevant? Gj, gn8 :D.
[OCG] Drunkenwanken
Just let me upload screen and you will see....
I mean confirmation FRA to play at this time, not anima wants ...
[OCG] Drunkenwanken
Funny guys, cant upload screen anymore....
[OCG] Drunkenwanken
Satan please confirm techloss. Anima wanted to play w3a tour instead of the match.
Where confirmation from FRA and screen?
[OCG] Drunkenwanken
DI will be played tomorrow 24.05.2016 @ 20:30cet
[RPV] SaTan
hello from 19cet ? Anima isnt back from work yet, he didnt answered me yet, i'll tell u when he answer
[GCW3] rbr.GodFather
DI could be played today 19cet.
[OCG] Drunkenwanken
DI is postponed by tS.
Leader replaces snagz.
[RPV] SaTan
2vs2 postponed for fra
[RPV] SaTan
Hello, As the rule 4.10 is :

What do you think to do as the usual ?
We play as the usual without using of a dumb draft order as if we was in a military camp ?
To know :

1/No predeterminated Order (as it's explained in the rule 4.10 ) which mean, lets be free to do as we want concerning the order.

2/ We agree that we can force the simultanously bo3s ( since sometimes the players cant wait 2hours to finally plays ) Instead to ask for it , since it always been a comon sense to play in parrallel in the case of a lack of time from one or more players from a team or another.

Do tell me if you accept thoses terms asap please, thoses two rules are nothing usefull but show a hight risk to cause defwins and troubles between the teams , so in my opinion its better to avoid it !