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S7 Groups summary

Just 2 days required to teams for decide who go/who stay. So, we finally get summary result from each group and now can stay more detailed on every point of race.

I propose to walk out of order and start with outsiders: in group B we can look strong hierarchy with Top, middle and bottom, of course as was expected most painful this season was for  MaD2, hard to say something specific, because way of second squads always thorny and cruel for a number of objective reasons and circumstances. I would like to single out only ru orc BrokenHanDs, who get all  MaD money (points, most of them were eaten by penalty) in this season and also was very effective on orga staff!

Alas but 3 good teams was fight just for one play-off slot and many of them had a chance to go further, almost to the last. Hard to find concrete match of  rbr team which was defining (may be one point lose for mad2?) in battle for playoff. Anyway this team again shows their best qualitys, and was good enough with the exception of oyo crash. With same crash and same number of points stay  pG who goes in leaders at starting week and put high hopes on the playoffs, but as always in this case can't get some important points in the end. But i think it good result for them - just one step to playoff instead left zone in past season! Treasured ticket to the playoffs went to  OwNu which can make good handicape from catchers and very confidently goes next stage.

And finally we got to the "Sky", yeah baby! Quite expected but still incredible debute season for  oYo and of course  SWE! Symbolic that this teams meet already in 1st play week (clear random generation) and result was shocking enough! But who knows, may be it was repetition of Final match ^^ Here it is worth noting a successful results of leaders -   Thorzain and   moy - Top 1 and Top 2 solo rank respectively and naturally good management from both sides, keep it out guys!

Welcome to group A! In contrast to B - points here distributed more evenly!

Single debutant of this group here was - follower of Peru -  Ls. This guys not from a timid ten and trying clung to each series and this give the result! With one win and 21 points they are not ashamed for this season!

Step up located mighty  RLB with big strike by   AJK, who also goes ahead in solo leaders, but alas without rs human AtheistP and may be rs elf Rudan it was hard to fight for highest positions!

Another season another mile but again and again  Legendary Gamerz can't do it. Of course i mean playoffs participate. Under strict guidance of de Drunken team one of the best by orga, manners and penalty (just 0,5 less just in  SWE) but still never was there. Can say just "May be next time again..."

Top 3 we go and see here  Dx with broken dreams about so possible top 2 place, but all decided one single map ^_^ As result of not bad group walk - very contradictory win on league favorite and strange lose to  Ls and habital   sheik's lead in solo (Top 2).

Danger! Very mad position here! Strong enough line with 4 wins and just 1 close lose did not allow  uMaD take a pole position in playoff, so just Top 2.

And finally greet the monsters of any group stage! If true i lost count how many times  SQK wins group stages, but it's doesn't matter, cause triple time at row this guys was one step away from victory and think only target for them obvious!

Well wanna give thanks to all participants of process and wish all the best in this hard case! What touch playoffs coditions it will public very soon, also will be completed along the way! Stay tuned! 


[SWE] Skutt
SWE wish best of luck to everyone!
[oYo] Leo-speo
Good effort in this news. Hf in Playoffs all.

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