NWC3L - New WarCraft 3 League

S19 Pre play-off stage

Group stage almost finished, but we still have no clarity about many places, so for your attention a-bit review of each Division standing.

In Division 1 not clear almost all. In theory  scP still can jump on play-off position, who will top 1 and top 2 question too. About relegation: rules said that "The 8th place of Division 1 will drop down to Division 2 for the next season." - no 8th team - no relegation, so  RBTV and  HEmo in safety.

In Division 2 more simple situation: strong lead by  Koao, confidently top 2 by  S4S2 and only
 EF vs.  InFa will determine which of them will be higher. Also no relegation for D2 and D3 respectively.

In Division 3 looks like everything is calm, just  RPV have a big chance for top 3 if they want.

Finally i post all postponed matches here, hope it will be finished for next week.

Season 19 - PostPoned Games
Team 1 Score Team 2 Match link Week
FpXy 0:2 Aserinox InFs vs. scP Week 7
ToX 0:2 GoTeRRoR InFs vs. GCW3 Week 6
paladynpl 2:0 Satiini scP vs. PwRG Week 6
rusoopE 2:0 Guvnor InFa vs. Sun Week 7
Tekko1 TechLose Team 2 Ls.Kiosuke123 EF vs. TBW Week 7
2:0 JusT-Do.iT-pLs
S4S2 vs. Emo Week 7
Lfe 0:2 MisterWinner s4s vs. Koao Week 7
NiFi 2:0 PiWi RPV vs. EwOk Week 7
NeSH 0:2 Seal_76 RPV vs. EwOk Week 7
QuywiX 0:2 Evocore RPV vs. EwOk Week 7
TechLose Team 2 EwOkChef
RPV vs. EwOk Week 7
SoKeR TechLose Team 2 ScoRpionS tcP vs. PwRA Week 7


Teams have 2 weeks for finish postpone match.
tcp vs rpv 2vs2 still can be played? i dont see that match on the list.


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