Week 6: France [FRA] vs ULTIMATE PRO GAMERS [UPG]]

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    [RPV] SaTan
    Skyut didnt show up noone from peru neither, we're taking defwin .
    [RPV] SaTan
    We are locked and cannot use the wildcard ouself folowing the matchlink system ( the green arrows doesnt appear at the right ) but we still use our wildcard no matter your site bug or not.
    [RPV] SaTan
    anyway meet chan clan fra
    [RPV] SaTan
    So you forced the match to tomorrow , may u explain why ? Its only postponed for a Week.
    So this change my plan, not gonna use wildcard on tod by weed then.

    Using it on ToD for hatakas instead.
    [pG] pG.Okkul
    and 15 players
    Well, LaG have 3 Wild Cards xd
    well admin set a time xd
    I can play this Monday at 5:00 p.m.cet
    21.10.2018 - 16:00 CEST for ToD vs. Skuyt
    [RPV] SaTan
    We using wildcard on ToD for weed, ToD being in US and wont be able to play the next couple of days.

    Weeed can play on saturday around 15CET , if its good for you guys
    [KoAo] Nerzhul
    Tod vs swarn on Friday
    [KoAo] Nerzhul
    [KoAo] Nerzhul
    hunter and danger were palying wgl.
    [RPV] SaTan
    Its the risk when the admins seed in a match of the Week a team that doesnt show any organisation improvement since over 2 years (9 seasons).

    Even I warned them friendly 2 years ago they didnt show any respect and just had another bad organisation this Week end, and this wasnt the only cw where they showed such a bad organisation.

    @OA When will the admins wake up and ban teams that never show any respect for the teams/league in over two years of time ?

    If you still want to keep them so much so just make a division with full unorganisated teams , where all of them can enjoy wasting each other times because i'm borred to waste every of my and my players sunday for cws where only two people are here when the day before they tell me " all match tomorrow at 5:00pm " .

    It can happens once , twice but with them its always same, they write " meet sunday 5pm " in private message on saturday to not show the next day.

    So @OA Instead to ask questions about the " match of the week , or to just notice the techlose you should be concerned about the repetitive lack of organisation / respect from LaGPeruPG, and why it came to that end .
    Ofc its sad if a match end with many defwin, but when its always the same team that cause the same troubles why would you want a different ending or just a better ending ? this is dellusional and naive from you to hope for miracle.

    Its rly not my role to learn other people how to be an admin, but if you know your team wont make it for sunday 5pm you tell it to the opponent admin team asap this is the best way and the fairest way / most respectfull way to have a chance to postpone the whole cw to another date; Instead to just pretend everything will be good to then show up late, and try to waste time with bs excuse when you know your players arent online .
    [OwNu] OA
    It's disappointing the game of the week ended up with 3 Tech Loses...
    [RPV] SaTan
    You means Teams very good with cheat and sneaky attitude .
    This division 2 is such a joke 0 serious.
    [RN] ag3nt
    fra very strong with defwins (C)
    [EwOk] cheeron
    Techlose of the week
    [RPV] SaTan
    Another mention : Nerzhul said to hatakas that he could see our line up before he sent his at 17:12 in here.
    So he made his line up as he want after knowing where my players will be.
    He knew danger wasnt here, but still he's on first map to meet our only UD .
    Other match were extremely good aswell, the fact he saw our line up and is still able to give a line up Afterwards Is really cheat, because they goes with a 100% line up advantage, and in return you only give them 1 PP as "punishement" ? only one PP to see your opponent line up is rly Worth it kinda lame.

    [RPV] SaTan
    12mins to be accurate*
    [RPV] SaTan
    Peru sent their line up 20mins late
    [RPV] SaTan
    Peru sent their line up

    Danger wasnt here so we started by guess vs deuce to give danger more time to come .
    Neither on the bnet chat nore in lobby / game they asked for anima vs hunter to be played in the same time as guess vs deuce, If so obviously we was rdy to ask to anima to play the cw , to wildcard or whatever. so I dont understand your question nick ,neither hunter nore nerzhul asked for two match at the same time, so we just start'd by the only one we could play as they only had deuce rdy .
    Later nerzhul also admitted hunter wasnt here even he tried to call him ( in last screenshot i sent )

    After the match deuce vs guess, Syde gave another 30 mins to danger to come , but he never came.so we decided to just play the rest, with anima and hunter, and hunter wasnt here neither..

    We took the defwin there.

    Concerning danger, syde waited an overall of 2 hour ( nerzhul could've just replace or postpone it, but no, he prefer us to wait for ever) The defwin is also legit.

    And since 2vs2 is hunter and danger and both wasnt here and rdy to play, we also have the defwin in it.

    @Nick instead to try to go against the team that respect the league by showing up in time and all, you should treat teams that are very bad organisated as they deserve by punishing them , this is just not normal to only meet teams who only have one player rdy to play.

    [KoAo] Nerzhul
    ty admin for your help.
    [FRA] Hatakas
    we played guess vs deuce and anima syde were here on time
    Peru didnt ask to play 2 game at the same time.
    After the end of guesss Vs deuce game ( SYDE animaa were in rdy to play) and hunter / danger not here
    [FRA] Hatakas
    we had screen i give it to dopey admin
    Seems Anima was busy with RB qualifier in NWC3L match time, is not it?
    #7 You have an Wild Crads, why you not use it early?

    Tech win wars again from FRA starts after Guess lose ? ;D

    No screens, no wins!
    [KoAo] Nerzhul
    admin i can play any map and the 2s if u are agree.
    [FRA] Hatakas
    sorry i mean it was Tod vs skuyt ...
    [KoAo] Nerzhul
    hunter was online but anima was in russia brain cup. can we play the matches plz? or satan wants to win witn no play as usual.
    [FRA] Hatakas
    So TOD vs danger on POST PON
    [KoAo] Nerzhul
    deuce vs guees. cuz toher player arenot online.
    [KoAo] Nerzhul
    danger in Dalaran
    2vs2 danger and hunter
    [FRA] Hatakas
    See you today in channel clan Fra at 17:00 pm cest. THX again ! ^^ .



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