NWC3L - New WarCraft 3 League

Wait your applications, all are welcome!

If you new and want participate, you need do the next:

  1. Register.
  2. Create team.
  3. Then your players must register and send request (button in team profile) to join your team.
  4. When you accept 4 players in roster, you can enter in Season 18 Div 2 at right block - button "JOIN".
  5. And also not forget acquaint with rules of competition.

Notes of the Season:

  • Deadline of registration 31.01.2021 - 21:00 CET.
  • First match planned at 07.02.2021 - 17:00 CET.
  • Raising in D1: second class Poles [scP]
  • Relegation in D2: PLATOON [P2N]
  • Request to Division 1 teams confirm their participate in comments to this news.
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  Lightning7 [L7]

  Hot Emo 1337 [HEmo] &  GlobalClan [GCW3] 

JadeDark - 1 on 1

Quai & SDmk - 2 on 2

Season 17 ended and we again congratulate SPARX ESPORTS [SPX] with their 2nd victory in a row! Very impressive result! Don't know for sure can we mark this record with their three NWC3L wins like a best result right now, due to uMaD Gaming and Wolves have four wins for two and seems it was one team all seasons they participated just with different naming. But anyway great wins and nice games every season! Keep it up! Of course it is impossible not to note 2nd place in face
 Lightning7 [L7] this guys put up a fierce resistance to SPX in final match and were a millimeter away from the cherished victory! Without any doubt it was one of the most exciting NWC3L Finals! Don't worry guys you still have a lot ahead of you!
Let's not forget about the equally intense semi-finals, where everything was also decided with a difference of one or two points. Teams
 GCW3 and  HEmo showed they best games throughout the season, if they were inferior only to direct competitors in the fight for the title. Thank you guys for a wonderful season, which for one that and for the other team could end even better, but apparently not this time. GG WP Division 1 we hope for an equally beautiful spectacle next season!
Hello D2! What I want to say! It was a pleasant surprise for me to see such an exciting fight throughout the season in the second division! Needless to say, the battle for the playoffs alone is worth something, when it was not clear until the last moment who would go where and from which place! As a reuslt another close and tense play-off confrontation with unpredictable winner until the end! My congratulations to 
 second class Poles [scP] you guys shows first-class warcraft and really deserve promotion for the next season! Anyway wanna thank all teams from D1 and D2 for active and passionate participate this Season 17 - you all the best! Keep it up!
What touch next Season - we need a bit of time for be ready and we announced all as soon as possible! Stay tuned for more updates guys!

18.01.2021 - 18:09 CET by admin


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