NWC3L - New WarCraft 3 League

Hello everyone! That's the hour of X dear friends! It's time to find out who will be the coolest in first season. So we will not pull, meet the finalists: finalist number one it is expected the Российская Федерация God Bless Pirates [GBP] and number two finalist, overcame a very difficult way to the final Европейский Союз Wrath and Madness [WaMX]. And as they say let the best and decent win! We wish both teams the best of luck, as well as the beautiful games and spectacular fights! Also, do not forget that the translation from this action for you hold the Российская Федерация Morozov, for which separate thanks to him! GL & HF cya!

 NWC3L Season 1 Final 

AI LR AZ Namaste [2:1] Zeikooo
TM AI EI Arma [2:1] AJK
LR AI rvs [0:2] AtheistP
TR Flopoks [0:0] Commander
GW CG Arma
[2:0] AtheistP

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Hello Again! So it is one of the key moments this operates under the name Российская Федерация NWC3L, namely the fight for the coveted and alluring ticket to the final. Few were able to get so far, especially the way was not easy for those who fell in the semifinals not directly! What is particularly surprising, these commands the same name, well, except for just a couple of letters, you probably already guessed who I mean, so greet sensational and unexpected bursting teams Европейский Союз Wrath and Madness [WaM] in the semi-finals! Tell a little about how they do it: start from the top, where the team Европейский Союз WaM Y defeated the team Германия Rentner Bande [rB] at first sight with enough crushing score - [3:0], but better if you look closely, you will notice that in the every match was fierce and uncompromising struggle in which every time lucky team provided Y. In the second semi-final Европейский Союз WaM X to show their best side, and won the confidence, allowing the team to grab a gangsters prestige point! Our congratulations to the newly made semi-finalists!

We proceed to the semi-finals! So met! In the first semifinal of us are waiting for violent confrontation in the face of russian Российская Федерация God Bless Pirates [GBP] and european Европейский Союз Wrath and Madness Y [WaM] schools of Warcraft! Watch and enjoy, is a noble battle!

And finally! Clou! Cherry on the cake! Spoon of honey in a barrel of tar! Downhole and bloody, and unscrupulous consummate match США OwNu so Cabi [OwNu] against Европейский Союз Wrath and Madness X [WaM]. Let me remind you! The teams have already met this season and gave us a beautiful and interesting sight! I think this time it will be even more heart-pounding and relentless! Well at this farewell! All the bloody battles and sweet dreams! (c)

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That time has come playoff Gentlemens. But before that I would like to say a few words about the group stage and in particular about the teams.

Group stage went as smoothly as we would like. There were many problems with the organization, 1 match at all and have not been played. Not without its controversial moments, such as team Германия Team Sunrise [tS] miraculously was not hit in the playoffs and was very annoyed condition «dead line», because their key player could not play that day. What we will take into account that in the future, but I would like to remind the team Германия tS, in the first round, they could take a def win, but do not get this right. Also, as you remember, and the season has not turned out the other German team Германия EAS for Life [EA], hopefully the next time they come to the matter of responsibility.

Now perhaps get to the results in the group recalled that the situation in the groups were close enough, and in group B, 4 teams generally shared by only one point. In group A, the team Российская Федерация God Bless Pirates [GBP] confidently walked through opponents without losing a single game, finishing thereby assured first place with a solid lead over his pursuers. Congratulations to the output directly to the semifinals!

In group B, as mentioned above was not clear who will take the coveted ticket to the semi-finals and this team has become США OwNu so Cabi [OwNu]. Throughout the group stage team США OwNu kept somewhere behind, as if waiting for a decisive breakthrough moment and she is a great work out. Plunging into the final round of the team Российская Федерация Digital Xtreme [Dx] with a score of 4-1, thereby США OwNu broke in the first place! Congratulations!

Finally, we draw our gaze on the 2nd and 3rd places respectively. The second place team of Group A Российская Федерация Russian Ghetto [RG] last season relatively smoothly, finishing every game with 2 or 3 points brought in the asset, and the only major victory over the Hungarian team Венгрия  RSHU 4-1, allowed to gangsters get into the playoffs.

Surprisingly, the team Германия Rentner Bande [RB] won all their matches in the group, but only took the second place. Why so confident game should allow the German team to go as far as possible in the playoffs.

Let's move on to the third place and here we came out pretty funny picture, because Third place went to both teams Европейский Союз Wrath and Madness, Y team in Group A and Team X in group B, respectively. And if the squad of X we have the right to expect the tournament accomplishments, here Y team surprised everyone, staked their place in the playoffs at the latest, the decisive game on AI between Чехия orc Zero and Германия elf Manu, who brings victory in one of the teams in the playoff ticket -off. As a result, the team Германия Team Sunrise [tS] and Европейский Союз Wrath and Madness Y have the same number of points, but on additional indicators (result of a personal meeting) in the playoffs last team Европейский Союз WaM Y. Also, one can not help mentioning about the way in playoff squad X, despite the impressive structure, the fate of this team has been solved in the already mentioned match between Российская Федерация Dx and США OwNu. Team Европейский Союз WaM X arranged only by 4-1 in favor of the American team, and probably fortune that day was on the side Европейский Союз  WaM X, as a consequence, again on additional indicators in the playoff exits the European team.

In conclusion I would like to express my gratitude to the teams such as Венгрия RSHU and Польша Going For Owange [GFO] for participation, responsibility and fight till the end!

Finally go to the grid playoffs:

 NWC3L Season 1 Play-off 

  • Final
  • 1/4
  • 1/2
  • Winner

Games to be held this week, both games will stream, so please play as much as possible all at one time. Also recalls that in the playoffs we have a classic format WC3L BO3. At this perhaps everything. All good luck and good game!

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So the group stage comes to an end, and it would seem we can sum up the results, but it was not there, because The situation in the standings is not so clear. Ticket to the playoffs currently provided only team  God Bless Pirates [GBP] is the undisputed leader in group A. As for the other teams, here everything is not so obvious, because backlog on points between the rivals can be expected of any minimal, most unexpected outcome. But more interesting is to watch the last play week!

Alas, it was not without losses. Team  EAS for Life [EA] disqualified for inactive for 4 weeks this team has been played only 4 games, and we do not believe that a team with such an organization will be able to play in a week 4 matches, so all the rivals  EA team get the victory!

Finally not unimportant detail: all games must be played until Sunday 23:59 CET, the same games that anyone, for any reason, will not have time to play just do not go into scoring table and your team will not be counted points! So, beware that you have available a full week.

And traditionally, the schedule of the 5th play week:

Season 1 - Week 5
DkH 0 : 5 GBP
WaMY 3 : 2 LG
SQK 4 : 1 RSHU
Dx 1 : 4 OwNu
EA 0 : 5 WaMX
RB 3 : 2 GFO


NI sevazhu [0:1] Atlas
LR maktim [0:1] Touch
AZ OSS [1:0] Deathnote
AI biko [0:1] rbr.LeX
[0:1] Touch

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05.11.2014 - 05:02 CET by admin

Third play week:

Season 1 - Week 3
DkH 2 : 3 SQK
LG 1 : 4 GBP
Dx 2 : 3 RB
GFO 5 : 0 EA
RSHU 3 : 2 WaMY
WaMX 2 : 3 OwNu

In the playoffs, going 3 best teams on the principle of 1A and 1B - directly to the semifinals, with the remaining two places in the semi-finals will compete 2A vs 3B and 2B vs 3A, respectively!

Don’t forget finished your PP matches!!!

GL Cya!

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We represent your attention  the second play week schedule:
Season 1 - Week 2
LG 3 : 2 SQK
DkH 3 : 2 RSHU
GBP 4 : 1 WaMY
Dx 5 : 0 GFO
WaMX 2 : 3 RB
OwNu 5 : 0 EA
Pay attention to paragraph 5 of the rules! This week we have 2 games with which you hold for live coverage Morozov! Also watch 8 point of the rules, the same team who have not completed their first play week matches, a huge request to finish everything in this week!
Map pool for 2nd play week: 1x1: AZ EI TR SV, 2x2: LT
Good luck and good games!
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UPDATE: First match in history of  NWC3L, it's only beginning ;)

MV Arma [1:0] Nazgrel
TM Namaste [1:0] nanaSan
NI WoLv [1:0] Tyrant
AI Flopoks [1:0] Crrpt
GW Flopoks
[1:0] Tyrant

Hello everyone! So right off the bat! Bid campaign was successful and the output we have 12 teams. Well not too bad for a "dead game". Presenting your attention the groups:

Group A

# Name
1  tS
3  RG
4  DkH
5  GBP
6  WaM Y

Group B

# Name
1  WaM X
2  GFO
3  RB
4  Dx
5  OwNu
6  EA

Also, schedule the first play week:

Season 1 - Week 1
DkH 05.10 17:00 CEST LG
GBP 5 : 0 RSHU
WaMY 3 : 2 SQK
Dx 2 : 3 WaMX
OwNu 4 : 1 GFO
EA 0 : 5 RB

The first game week starts on September 29 and ends on October 5th. While the match system is not ready to fully, the date and time of matches agree on skype, icq or mail. The date and time of the match, and Line ups (before the match) send here (skype: nick8939; mail: nick@nwc3l.com).

Map pool for first game week: 1x1: MV TM NI AI, 2x2: GW


Good luck and good games to all!

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Hello everyone! We are glad to announce the first season of the new team in the discipline Warcraft III TFT, called New War Craft 3 League [NWC3L]. Participate can any team which send the application, and have at least 4 players or more.

In the first season of league has the following structure: Group stage (2 Groups) and the playoffs. The number of teams in the groups and the number of teams entering the playoffs will be determined later. As for the system of the matches, it will be tested classic WC3L system, but in the group stage BO1 and BO3 in the playoffs. All matches will take place on the server w3arena, by means hostbot. Take this opportunity to express our gratitude to server administrators for services rendered.

Separately say about maps and the system of the matches. All matches will be appointed by the administration of a list of 5 starting maps. As seen from the above, the group stage of the veto is not required. But in the playoffs, winner will have a veto 1 map. Accordingly, the map already played in each series BO3 reselect impossible. Map pool:

1х1: [AI, AZ, EI, MV, SV, TS, LR, NI, TM, TR].

2х2: [AV, CG, LT, GW, TM, TR].

The system of the matches. Line-up makes no later than 10 minutes before the start of the match. BO3 series starts to play the first solo (standing first on the list) and on the order of up to 2v2 matches. Of course you can negotiate and another sequence, but you must provide consent to managers and players from both teams.

As you probably already know in our league and have a modest prize fund of $ 100 for first place.

Anticipating questions about the website, I want to assure you that the work on the creation of all required modules actively conducted every day.

This until all! Any information you need with regards to the league, you can find the following contacts.

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