NWC3L - New WarCraft 3 League

S7 W2

Impetuous, but interesting Season 7 moving to Week 2 

Season 7 - Week 2
12 : 3
6 : 9
9 : 6
7 : 8
9 : 6
15 : 0

NEW! Play-off seedings.

NEW! Be attantion about new maps - new versions already on w3a Hostbots:

Description you can find into match or in maps page.

Also you can watch here postpones from week 1 ^_^ 

Season 7 - PostPoned Games
Team 1 Score Team 2 Match link Week
rbr.LeX 2:1 ToX rbr vs. OwNu Week 1
Imperius 2:1 BounD rbr vs. OwNu Week 1
0:2 ToX
rbr vs. OwNu Week 1
2:0 feartheg0lem
pG vs. MaD2 Week 1
Anima 2:1 Poe uMaD vs. LG Week 1
wemadeFOXShaper 0:2 sTaZero uMaD vs. LG Week 1
eQuAleX 2:0 headintheclouds SQK vs. Ls Week 1
EffectSwe 2:1 sH0Wt1Me. SWE vs. oYo Week 1
Evanescence 2:1 FpXy Dx vs. RLB Week 1
rvs 2:0 SkyRocky Dx vs. RLB Week 1


[oYo] Leo-speo

Did you use the right Skype as stated below it's Leo-speo1 not leospeo1 ;) but I saw that you managed it already, thx for that. If any further questions I will check skype.


Any problems via skype? You not response since yesterday, not think that check it out spend so much time ...

[oYo] Leo-speo

any update admin? maybe would be nice to create a support button here, where you can write with an admin.

[oYo] Leo-speo

there is a mistake in my skypename here its leo-speo1 not leospeo1 dunno how to change that. but cant you just make him join since you know who it is.. would safe us some time


Leo i understand who you mean and try to contact you via skype, just answer there please.


The judgment day will be dangerous for you since you disrespect Allah. Punish them ! Let the evil take their soul !

We come back to you asap concerning 2v2.

[LG] Drunkenwanken

@ Reggg if you are able to write senseless comments here, you should be able to answer for 2n2 @ matchcomments aswell. thx.


Because I am a he.

[oYo] Leo-speo

Hey admins we have trouble with one of our members joining the team? Can't see application any Tipps? (Don't know how to pm here)
Would be nice if we can figure that out before Sunday since he has another week of peon Bann else.

[rbr] rbr.Shorty

How do you know allah is a he? :O

@Drunken - most mercs have already been acquired by one particular team :)


Allah knows ! He knows everything !

[LG] Drunkenwanken

Maybe "underdogs" getting some mercs, who knows?

[SQK] ag3nt

it's better to 1 group next season but with something like 8-10 teams. At least it will be some challenge at quali.


Next season, it's better only 1 group with 11 CW/team.
There is no challenge in group A. We already know the 3 qualified teams.
The only group A challenge is between the 3 top places.
What is different for group B (more interesting).

It's a tip. Peace.

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ena1337 match 20.09 - 20:55 CEST
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Skutt match 20.09 - 19:43 CEST
Playar match 20.09 - 18:56 CEST
S7 Final SQK vs. SWE
S7 SemiFinals
S6 Final ViKi vs. uMaD
S6 SemiFinal SQK vs. ViKi
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