NWC3L - New WarCraft 3 League

S9 W3

The 3rd gameweek is coming closer and we already are seeing some teams already running away both in the bottom and top. In Division 1 –  LS Gaming 1 is showing strength and is leading with 3 points ahead of  Soviet War Elites. The Swedish roster can although still take the lead after some postponed games.  Legendary Gamerz have a rough start but will have to pick up the tempo soon. 
The game of the week will be the current top 2 contenders  SWE and  LS1. This battle will be fierce and tough for both opponents and we are looking forward to the war between them!
In division 2,  ProGaming College is taking the lead with 4 points ahead of  Real Life Buddies and 5 points ahead of clan  HOT.  Real Life Buddies will be having their game against  New Clan (NC) and this will be one of the highlights. Will the  RLB,  PGC and  HOT start to consolidate their lead in the top or will the new entrant  New Clan also want to be part of the upper half?
I) Valid screenshot to get defwin:
- Screenshot with account of player (clan war channel) who won by defwin
- /whois " account of player who didn't show up "
- /time
ll) Number of clan wars played to qualify for the playoffs:
 - Player must play 2 differents clan war (Defwin doesn't count as clan war played)
lll) Teams concerned about the playoffs:
 - Div 1: teams rank 1-4 and 7
 - Div 2: teams rank 1-2

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