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Season 10 Begins!

Game of the week 

TM EI LiiLD.C [0:2] Boka
ML TR Skutt [0:2] Still
AF LR EI Starshaped [2:1] Edo
TS TR SV ThorZaIN [2:1] YaGami
[1:2] Boka

Hello cuties! Debute week of Anniversary Season is almost open, as always with updates with new patch, new maps, new teams and new rules! Btw teams had a last day for transfers without peon-ban and other sunctions. Obviously in this season both divisions have 7 teams in each, not so good how with 8, but seems balanced. Conditions with play-offs and consolations the same: Division 1 - Top 4 for play-off, Top 8 going Division 2, Top 7 participate in consolation match. Division 2 - Top 2 play final match, winner going in Division 1 directly, loser play versus Division 2 Top 7. Especially pay attention on admissions to play-off and consolations for no confuse like in Season 9 - players for paticipate in play-off/consolation must played at least 2 matches in Group Stage. So wish to all teams nice, interesting season and best luck in all matches!

For your attention schedule of first play week:

Season 10 Div 1 - Week 1
WLV2 2 : 13 WLVS
pG 7 : 5 RLB
SWE 5 : 10 Fs
Season 10 Div 2 - Week 1
OwNu 12 : 3 LaG
InFs 0 : 15 SQK
BG 15 : 0 pGCl
Dx 3 : 12 HOT


[SWE] Skutt
Okkul talking about rules DD
[Dx] Nick
Xelsing inactive and will not play.
[pG] pG.Okkul
Hi all. Why Wolves violate the rule about "Participants"? They have 3 players of "all starts team" - Xelsing, Cash and Sonik and they must delete one of them from their roster on nwc3l. Only 2 players maximum is possible as i know.

Read this rule below (http://nwc3l.com/rules#Main%20positions) :

1.2. Participants. Participate in this competition can any team which have minimum 4 players in roster, with the exception of "all stars teams". Under the "all stars team" we mean team which have in her roster more than 2 players which have victory or participate in the finals at some "serious" online tournament (for example: Gera Cup, Rus Brain Cup, Hols Cup, Ifeng Cup and etc).

Dear main administrator - please take measures!
[HOT] ena1337
Go go go Ls :D


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