NWC3L - New WarCraft 3 League

S9 Group Stage ending

Two months comes fast and it's already crucial week! Good time to look at the all postitions in league, of course on first place - great battle of last sunday between leaders of 1st division  Soviet War Elites and  Wolves eSports, often when you said this match deserve the final, it can not be for sure, but not this time. Incredible match there one team make more winning series and other make more points! As result mega close victory (8:7) by swedish squad and deserved 1st place, well done! In near locations with 2 slots for play-off we have 3 teams who try make it up. There  Firestalker and  LS Gaming look more strong in this rather than  P r o - G a m i n g, but only at this moment, because all can decide any postpone game and specially last play week, there pG get most hard way to catch up play-off place cause their opponent will Top 1 of the league, in other side for Fs it will not less strong oppo in face of Wolves, so will see! Also interesting look battle for the safety 6 place and transitinal 7!  OwNu RenTner with their failed 1st week and lose in personal match versus  Legendary Gamerz not looks like favorite, but it's still in their hands in touch with last match versus LS and some postpones vs against LG.  Team Bulgaria need take all powers for the rescue, in every pp match, especially vs. OwNu and in personal meeting with Legendary, who knows mb some legends of past can help them ^^

Schedule of last week for your attantion!

Season 9 Div 1 - Week 7
LS 8 : 7 OwNu
WLVS 6 : 9 Fs
SWE 7 : 5 pG
BG1 5 : 10 LG

Some statistic for Div 1:

Place Players Points Matches MW ML Team
1   XeLSinG 15 6 11 3  WLVS
2   Cash 13 5 10 2  LS1
3   EffectSwe 12 4 8 0  SWE

Place Players Points Matches MW ML Team
1   Mackay
7 5 6 6  LS1
2   Bizzare
6 3 5 3  WLVS
3   XeLSinG
5 2 4 1  WLVS


Let's will not forget about 2nd Division, by the way right here deciding one (or mb two ^^) team(s) who join 1st Div and get hole season for prove consistency on high level! Btw! In this case we had interesning posi for this moment! About 5 of 7 teams still had a chance to countine fight for the final match between Top 1 and Top 2 team respectively. Naturally right now  Wolves eSports II and  HOT ELITE 2018 in favorites, but who knows mb  New Clan Real Life Buddies and  P r o - G a m i n g C o l l e g e can give a surprise for leaders. Hard to anticipate, so for my opinion all matches here on last week will be interesting and HOT, it's a pity, but seems for  LS Gaming 2 and  Team Bulgaria 2 this season is ended, of course they can affect to the fates of Top places, but not on their own :( Anyway it will nice performance in last week for Div 2 not worse in Div 1 ;)

Schedule of last week for your attantion!

Season 9 Div 2 - Week 7
RLB 9 : 6 WLV2
NC 6 : 9 HOT
BG 6 : 6 pGCl

Some statistic for Div 2:

Place Players Points Matches MW ML Team
1   cheeron 14 5 10 1  LS2
2   Maru 13 5 10 2  WLV2
3   AJK 12 5 8 2  RLB


Place Players Points Matches MW ML Team
1   ena1337
10 5 7 4  HOT
2   Maru
5 2 4 1  WLV2
3   Maru
4 2 3 2  WLV2


Season 9 Div 1 - PostPoned Games
Team 1 Score Team 2 Match link Week
Leader 0:2 Cash BG1 vs. LS1 Week 6
rbr.LeX 1:2 Rellik BG1 vs. LS1 Week 6
Edo 2:0 Imperius Fs vs. pG Week 6
YaGami 2:0 Walter Fs vs. pG Week 6
1:2 EnTe
LG vs. OwNu Week 6
rbr.Moon 0:0 Sonik BG1 vs. WLVS Week 5
EnTe 2:0 Hyz OwNu vs. pG Week 4
1:2 pG.RaZZoRMaN
OwNu vs. pG Week 4
SworD 0:0 Hyz BG1 vs. pG Week 3
0:0 pG.RaZZoRMaN
BG1 vs. pG Week 3
WE.Just.Shocker 2:1 Frosti BG1 vs. OwNu Week 2

Season 9 Div 2 - PostPoned Games
Team 1 Score Team 2 Match link Week
MartialSpirit 2:1 GOSTRONG LS2 vs. NC Week 6
Sustainer 0:2 GrayWarden BG2 vs. RLB Week 6
0:0 FpXy
BG2 vs. RLB Week 6
sch8k8q 0:2 FpXy pGCl vs. RLB Week 5
0:2 AJK
pGCl vs. RLB Week 5
4uvakcool 0:0 sch8k8q NC vs. pGCl Week 4
sch8k8q 0:0 RapiNG pGCl vs. WLV2 Week 3


[HOT] ena1337
"2.5. An equal number of points. If two teams have the same number of points located above the team to victory in a personal meeting."

What does this rule mean?

Best regards
[HOT] ena1337
#5 admen plz answer my question #2
[RaG] FpXy
lul,just look at the chat we offer dates
RLB too
[RaG] FpXy
Pg abusing PP ,replace players,or give def w no time to wait forever
[SWE] Endarspire
Fantastic league! Love to be a part of it :) Great job by the admin team!
[HOT] ena1337
we go play www.wc3cl.de after nwc3l season 9 is over? and go start season 10 after wc3cl.de season is over? @admin ?
[WLVS] Ls.Psike
Gogo LS top 1 in 1v1 and 2on2 xD

GG HF all

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