NWC3L - New WarCraft 3 League

That ended the group stage, which was intriguingly enough, the only thing that upset, because some of the teams trying to get play-off place in the gotten. But let's not focus on negative and look what we get for the next stage, and in pervious wanna say that all of 4-th matches are quiet interesting, so hard distinguish most entertaining just enjoy!

 FRA vs.  OwNu - in past season this team meet no where else but in Final of Season 3, is american team take all powers and get revenge or stay in quarter?

 Fs vs.  W3DK - german team looks especial strong at this seasons and and can safely be called a favorite, but i think oldschool danmark guys would disagree ;)

 FraB vs.  RAGE - "farm" team after 2 bad seasons very strengthened and now you can't say this word ^^, beacause it's Top 1 team in Group B, but in other side they can see "monster" is book end?)

 SQK vs.  Dx - ahha me personal didn't want this happen but it's done and we can see "SNG Derby"...

And of corse bring to your attention full Grid:

 NWC3L Season 4 Play-off

  • 1/4
  • 1/2
  • Final
  • Winner

Ps. some little details about play-off - starting maps predominantly from ladder list - at the request of workers we have match for 3-rd place in this Season - not forget about no prepones and no postpones in play-off. GG Gl HF!

24.05.2016 - 20:56 CEST by admin

For 1st place in Group B

DB NI NiFi [2:0] WeakEnd
GC FC TS Klaus [1:2] Curiocity.
DI MV Philo [0:2] Bizzare
TM LR CiC [0:2] Dreamer
[2:0] Bizzare

Deadline: 24.05.2016 23:00 CEST

23.05.2016 - 00:22 CEST by admin


DB GueSs [0:2] CoopeR
GC MV CorNoX [2:0] Kamaz
DI LR US KurCo [2:1] Havoline
TM PassioNelf [0:2] Worker
[2:0] CoopeR
Season 4 - Week 7
FRA 8 : 7 LG
Dx 13 : 2 DrmS
kLp 0 : 15 BG1
Fs 8 : 7 RAGE
W3DK 8 : 1 LaB
FraB 7 : 8 uMaD

That comes to an end of the group stage. Some teams pleased some not, but it can not be for all. So lets start from group A, cause it more saturated. And the first thing which catch in the eyes it'c crazy boost from team
RAGE, seems like now they finally decided to establish itself as a favorites of season! But in spite of this we have all the same leader in face of team  FRA with a little handicape, so their week 7 match will very important for both teams ^^ Other group of teams:  Fs Dx tS and  rbr will decide who can jump at last 2 footstep of play-off.

In Group B situation more clarity, team  uMaD need miracle for catch up at 4-th place... So we only have battle into top 4 here. All can occur so let's just see what happen with B4)

Against few words about updates:


  • can watch Line Up of team if it added
  • added date of registration in profiles
  • most played map adding in profile stats*


  • added year of creation team
  • removed "hostbot"


  • distinguish "Show Field for Upload Screenshots" button
  • "Upload replay" now shows after you push "Show Field for Upload Replays"
  • matches in news updated
  • Adding Line Up updated*


  • add sort and names for easy search here


  • add polls for registred users*

NOT FORGET THAT ALL "postponed games must be finished before season will ending - 22.05.2016 23:59 with the exception of last play week - 24.05.2016 23:00 CEST for last playweek." BE ATTANTION PLEASE, ASK FOR 3.6 IF NEEDED.

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TS US EI JokeRn [1:2] Worker
AS EI Rob [0:2] Havoline
NI Manu [0:2] CoopeR
SV TS Leader [0:2] Kamaz
MS AV1.1 Drunkenwanken
[0:2] CoopeR

  MVP (Right now):

 tS -   JokeRn.  RAGE -   Havoline

Only two weeks left and chances to get enough number of points less and less. In Group A confident leadership from Season 3 champions - team  France stable and strong LU time by time help them take a strong lead, good job! In Group B still lead  SQUELCH and KO. i said "still" cause another french team has a 2 matches in backup and have all chances to get 1-st place if save their good shape. Ofcourse not done without some negative moments,  FraB get 2 "additional" matches cause we lose 2 teams which cant organazie their self and was kicked for not enough activity and respectivity for other teams, i mean  DkH and  gfgg respectively. Obviously it means that in Group B we have only 6 teams right now and ranking table get some changes, but all teams have a chance to follow in play-offs if exert enough effort. And in this mind Group A a little differ cause team

DrmS lost all chances for play-off, but its just 1st season for them. And from 4-th for 7-th places we have almost equal chances for going play-off, all in hands of teams. Good Luck and Good Games to all!

Season 4 - Week 6
Dx 12 : 3 kLp
LG 1 : 14 RAGE
FRA 7 : 5 BG1
Fs 15 : 0 DrmS
uMaD 15 : 0 LaB
OwNu 8 : 4 FraB

08.05.2016 - 23:49 CEST by admin

RV feRfe [2:1] Walter
LR ToX [1:2] HunteR
AZ Touch [2:0] Jatelyn
PILV LR BounD [2:0] Nerzhul
RH feRfe
[2:0] Nerzhul

UPDATE: team  DkH kicked. All points taken in matches versus them go away.

UPDATE: team  gfgg kicked. All points taken in matches versus them go away.

Well week 4 was insane and full incomplete, cause some teams\some players have different holidays. Some one can restructure some not, but hope we solve current problems this week. In this connection hard to say something about current position in rankings, except that few words about leadership group in both groups ;)

We greet a new leader of group B - it's team  SQUELCH and KO. [SQK] which literally in two steps shoot ahead with 34 points! Congratz keep up the good game! Also want note team  PERU (3rd place with 27 points) this guys are serious want going play-off and now they have really good chances to do it in first time!

In group A emerges clarity picture about play-off standings.  tS FRA Fs and  Dx obviously applicants which compete with each other places from 1-st to 4-th, and seems like only  RAGE can try to catch up them.

And traditionally two words about some features:

  • Now you can register if you new member, not forget if you already have account just ask for choose your mail. And yes here menu with all needed links and movies.
  • As follows from the preceding paragraph you can watch your statistic and also can use button "leave team" if needed. Ofcourse its just a first step and we try make good upgrade in this part.

Also not forget upload replays of last week and Week 5 welcome:

Season 4 - Week 5
LG 6 : 9 BG1
FRA 12 : 3 Dx
Fs 11 : 4 kLp
RAGE 12 : 3 DrmS
OwNu 12 : 3 LaB
FraB 10 : 5 SQK

02.05.2016 - 11:32 CEST by admin

Season 4 - Week 3
OwNu 11 : 4 uMaD
W3DK 5 : 10 SQK
kLp 11 : 4 DrmS
LG 8 : 7 Dx
FRA 10 : 5 RAGE
Fs 11 : 4 BG1

UPDATE: so promised surprise - now you get your own profiles with own statistic and other details ;) enjoy!

Hiho guys! Play week under the number 2 almost ended, some teams finished full matches week by week, some prefer stretch the pleasure. Also not all going without trouble for some teams\orgas, but we hope it's just because they did not have time to get used to the process, rules, new opponents and after some time it will be better. As for the competitive part, everything is quite lively and interesting. If you turn your gaze to the group A you will see big surprise lead from rising team  tS well they really live up to their name at the moment and seems like after 3 seasons without play-offs this guys want crash this bad line, to take their destiny into their own hands! Good job, well played but not relax guys, enemies are not asleep! ;P You know this season really big (16 teams), so a bit shorty about other teams who chase the leaders ;)

So in second\third places we have two strong SNG teams -  RAGE and  Dx respectively, which have some twisted background and we look forward to their own match. With regards to this moment, both teams have a good pace in spite of various difficulties and are one of the main contenders to get into playoffs.

Go next and who we can see there - NWC3L Season 3 Champions "hiding favorite" team  FRA, in two last season french team already proved to us that they can go near top all season and going 1-st at the decisive moment, so thier opponents must be attantion for the last series in season ^^

At five place we have season 2 participant team  Fs, deutcsh team amaze us their full french lu in both matches, so seems they need some german help for not stay on 5 place and rise up ;)

As for last 3 teams in division A  kLp rbr and  DrmS this guys get experince and strong opponent in pervious matches, plus two of them new on NWC3L and it always hard, hope they can take all powers and give fight for honor and pleasure.

In Group B lead we glad represent to you oldschool Danmark team -  W3DK, i think their players no need to introduction. Before season start noone know in which shape this team coming here, but now we all see. Stay this way guys want wtach on you in play-off ;P

In second place our syrian refugees from many different countries, never know that random from Tokelau, human from Mongolia, undead from Libya and one profi from china can going on 2-nd place. if you guys need humanitarian relief or you just there is no place to spend the night, just tell us we can try help you anyway. Ofcourse it's just a joke and we have here strong and interesting team, which is "Dark Horse" now and nobody can say what we can wait from this creative guys ;)

Also need distinguish middle group of teams with same nuber ot points which is trying to keep up with leaders, it's  FraB PERU and  DkH this teams had crumpled start and just let's see what will happened, will
 DkH rehabilitating for Season 3, will  FraB and  PERU first time in history going play-off. Hope they all surprise us!

And at last 3 teams, we have two new euro squads -  gfgg and  uMaD who can afford bad start and our old pwnu ( OwNu) friends, which seems like sick disease of the past success.

Schedule of play week 3 for you, not forget upload replays and good luck have fun! Also some little surprises wait you soon, stay tuned cya ;P

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Season 4 - Week 1
SQK 9 : 6 uMaD
OwNu 1 : 14 W3DK
kLp 7 : 8 RAGE
LG 14 : 1 DrmS
Dx 12 : 3 BG1
FRA 10 : 5 Fs

UPDATE: increased the prize pool, big thanks to  [RAGE] TeSt

1 place - 150 $

2 place - 50 $

Salute! We very glad represent to you new Season 4 guys, with most number of teams in NWC3L history namely 16-th! At first wants give thanks to all orgas for participating of their teams, hope you enjoy this little journey ;)

In this time we have 2 groups like in Season 1, but more teams in each group respectively. It should be said at once that in play-off following teams from 1st to 4th places in each group and from 5th to 8th going Cup of Hope. And two words about "who vs who" for sure - 1A vs. 4B | 2A vs. 3B | 1B vs. 4A | 2B vs. 3A not forget! About seeding of teams: Season 3 Finalists going in different groups obviously, russian, french and deutsch squads was reseeding as possible and new teams was seeded randomly.

Also would like to recall about some features and innovations:

  • not forget in Season 4 players have 2 vetoes.
  • new match process and map pools.
  • now in match page you can upload screenshots (without screenshots defwins or pp for insults not work).
  • all new orgas gets hostbot access for IHarena_FRA1 and IHarena_USe1 (hostbot instruction, if something not work report here), hope all teams will mannered and patient if hostbot will busy (many teams many series etc you know). Also please specify your hostbots in team profiles.
  • postponed games must be finished before season will ending - 22.05.2016 23:59 with the exception of last play week.
  • adding results of match more simple, you can do it series by series and upload replays too (offer date\time F.A.Q. for new orgas).
  • now you can see new maps in preview (in match pages too).
  • if you want make account for your player just add he's mail in "edit" and give him link for retrieve.

Here you can look full season schedule with detailed groups. And first play week matches welcome:

Good start, fun games and have luck!)

03.04.2016 - 20:12 CEST by admin

UPDATE: just push green button "JOIN" in right block (show only for orgas) and you into season!

You are welcome to all in Season 4 of  NWC3L! Season 3 almost ended we have the last one big game, so we wanna take the lead and advert start application campagin for already 4-th season. If you don't have team, send application and if your team accepted make retrieve password and join us in right block "Join" button.

Also wanna note for some changes in rules and innovations for new season. Let's see it point by point:

  1. Match process changed point 4.10.
  2. Postpone option upgrade point 3.5 and 3.6.
  3. No def wins without screenshots point 4.10 and point 5.6. Now you option to upload it on site in every match.
  4. As many as 2 veto for this season.
  5. Replays now more detailed.
  6. + French language.
  7. And ofcourse new map pools and no random heroes maps, be attention.

Prize pool as the same ;) Applicaton period start from 20.03.2016 22:00 CET and end at 03.04.2016 22:00 CET. So wait your applications!!!

18.03.2016 - 17:28 CET by admin


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